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We provide a complete and bespoke range of services to each client in order to cover all financial bases and take away the unnecessary pressure of having your financial matters in more than one place.
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Satisfaction for us comes in making sure you are informed and looked after. From helping you to buy your first home, to putting money into the business you have always dreamt of, to helping you plan your retirement, Rosewood will be there for you with services tailored to suit every step of your journey. These services include investments, pensions, protection – including business protection and general insurance – mortgages, and equity release.

At Rosewood, we truly believe that the best investment is an investment in people, and in the community in which we operate. We are passionate not only about supporting our clients with close contact and personalised care, but also about supporting local business.

Ultimately, we want to get to know you, we want to understand what you need and how we can help you make the most out of your money. In return, we want you to get to know us and – more importantly – trust us. Every relationship is built upon trust and mutual understanding, and we believe that our relationship with you, the client, should be no different.


Rosewood Wealth Management
COVID-19 Update

Our offices on Brimington Road will be closed temporarily with this being reviewed in line with Government protocol.

Our business is set up to accommodate remote working with telephone, cloud-based and administrative systems. We will be working from our home offices and will be fully contactable on the office number, email, mobiles and video calls.

Do not hesitate to get in contact.