Community Group

Support a Local Business

Below are our local businesses, those run by our friends, our families and our neighbours. Information on supporting these businesses is beside each. This support might be leaving an online review, ordering online or sharing a referral. Each business has different needs and different ways you can help.

Arts Derbyshire

Arts Derbyshire is the strategic arts charity for the county. Our aim is to enrich people’s lives through the arts. We work with artists, arts organisations and the public to provide strategic direction for the creative and performing arts throughout Derbyshire.

Chesterfield Community Food Hut

Chesterfield Community Food Hut was born after two little girls Gracie and Darcie decided they needed to help the community they lived in during COVID-19.

We ARE the stop-gap until you get that food delivery slot, the long-awaited benefits. We CARE. We are proud to say that so far, every single person that has asked for a food parcel, has received one.


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